Answers to frequently asked questions

1Who are we?
We are an international company that makes high-class mosaics customized to any request. The core values of our company are high quality and affordable terms of service.
2What do we do?
We create decorative glass mosaic products of the highest level of complexity and beauty. Our works match all other finished materials and complement any interior perfectly.
3How long have we been on the market?
We have been on the market for over 11 years, since 2006.
4Focus on the client
We do everything so that architects and designers, as well as our direct customers, can feel our first-class service and special attitude toward them. Every single order of ours is personally supported by the quality director responsible for terms, accuracy, and quality of execution for any, even the smallest, orders.
5Our experience
Our experience enables us to fulfil top-level orders, which 99% of companies in this industry are unable to accept.
6Price segment
Our price competitive segment offers no alternative to our company in terms of quality and level of complexity. We provide affordable works of perfect quality. Working with us is a pleasure.
7What professionals work for us?
We highly value our personnel; most of our employees have been working with us for many years. Experience and professionalism are the golden fund of our business.
8Who are our customers?
Our customers are architects, designers, and construction companies ready to implement their ideas in very beautiful, refined mosaic solutions.
9Beauty as business
We admire the works of modern classics – designers and architects alike. It is our privilege to cooperate with great experts from across the globe. But the works of old craftsmen from Florence, Britain, and the East inspire us most of all. At the same time, we keep a close eye on all modern trends, technologies, and professionals. We hold in high esteem the deepest and most emotional works of Oriental school professionals from Arab and Asian countries.
10What materials do we use in our work?
We bring materials from all over the world, picking the best. We use materials from China, Turkey, USA, Poland, Spain. All our materials, every single batch, are accepted for our work only after a thorough inspection is made of quality from the production
11Who inspires us?
Мы восхищаемся работами современных классиков, как дизайнеров, так и архитекторов. Для нас большая честь сотрудничать с прекрасными мастерами со всего мира. Но особо нас вдохновляют работы старых мастеров Флоренции, Британии и Востока. В то же время, мы внимательно следим за всеми современными трендами, технологиями и мастерами. С особым почтением мы относимся к самым глубоким и эмоциональным работам мастеров восточной школы стран арабского и азиатского мира.
12How do we encourage our designers and architects?
We have prepared special terms of collaboration with architects and designers around the globe. To local professionals—architects and designers that will become our partners in 2017 we are ready to provide special conditions guaranteeing an exclusive financial appeal. In addition to income, every one of our part-ners will receive the opportunity to have full creative self-expression and high customer satisfaction from our work.
13What are the requirements for mosaic installation?
There no special requirements. You just need to follow the instruction, use quality adhesive, and entrust this work to mosaic installation experts.
14Can we use your works for outdoor decoration?
Of course, you can. Our works are wonderful for outdoor decoration. They look beautiful whether in artificial light or in daylight. Provided proper installa-tion, mosaics have no limitations pertaining to out-door use.
15What specific temperatures are to be observed?
To lay a mosaic, you need a temperature range from + 5 °C to + 30 °C for both indoor and outdoor works.
16Is it possible to visualize the work prior to its production?
Yes, it is. This is full 3D-visualization. Our company will carry out a detailed 3D-visualization of the future order in the interior. This is one of the advantages we have over other companies.
17How much do your services cost?
Our works are quite affordable, especially con-sidering their level. Our colleagues from Italy, Spain, USA, and Great Britain offer prices that are three times higher than ours. Working with us means the chance to receive unique artistic value even with a modest budget.
18What class of works do we do?
We perform premium and medium level work both in terms of complexity and quality.
19How do we choose our colour solutions and collections?
We keep a close eye on the latest trends in the world of design and even fashion. In this regard, we get help from our consultants—world renowned designers, who have become both our customers and friends during these years. We source our mosaic tiles from all over the world: from China to Italy, from Great Britain to the USA. We always choose the best!
20Do you have any ready decorative solutions?
We can always offer you several exquisite solutions, our professional vision, as well as project support.
21Can we get in touch with you with just an idea, not a project?
Yes. You can bring us your idea even on a napkin or simply tell about it on the phone. You won’t believe it, but such things also happen. We will do everything possible to make your dream come true. This is also an unusual advantage that we have over our competitors.
22Is there a guarantee?
Of course, we do, even though warranty claims have been very rare over these years. All of them were due to low-quality laying or colour selection mistakes on the part of an architect while placing the order. Be-sides, we are ready to recommend some of our partner designers and architects should the need arise.
23How long does it take to fulfill an order?
An order of medium complexity will be fulfilled and sent, on average, within 21 days.
24What gives you your competitive advantage?
1. Extensive experience. 2. Premium, ultimate quality. 3. Experience of working with difficult and demanding clients. 4. Strict observance of extreme deadlines. 5. Maintaining wonderful prices! Our projects range from the President of Ukraine’s residence to private spaces of the most prominent politicians and businessmen of Western and Eastern Europe. Our works decorate houses and palaces all over the world: in Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Israel, Azerbaijan, and even distant Japan and India.
25What lets us offer very favourable prices?
1. Modest electricity, water supply, and production inputs. 2. Weak local currency (80% of expenditures in local currency, instead of Euros or dollars). 3. Modest wage fund of high-class craftsmen in the country of origin. 4. Fast, inexpensive shipping to any country. 5. Business processes, well-established over the course of all these years. All of the above enables us to keep fairly liberal prices for our customers.
26What discounts are available for builders, architects, designers?
Special terms of collaboration will apply for architects, designers, and other specialists who join us in 2017. To learn more
27What countries and regions we deliver to?
We have “door-to-door” delivery to almost every part of the world. Carefully and quickly. Don’t worry: we do delivery ourselves.
28All about delivery.
After our craftsmen have fulfilled your order and it passed the in-house quality control, the product is sent to the packing service. There, it is carefully packed in accordance with a special procedure, and a report on compliance with the delivery requirements is drawn up. After that, we personally pass the product to representatives of the express delivery service and, with due attention and care, it begins its journey to the customer. In recent years, 100% of our goods have reached their destination without a single defect. Hopefully, they will stay there for years and centuries to come.
29Quality Guarantee.
Hydra Mosaic Group has a multilevel system of quality control. Besides, the company has a dedicated top-manager for quality control — our very own quality director. In case of any disputes, we try to take the client’s side.
30. Confidentiality while working with regular clients and celebrities.
Confidentiality is one of our advantages. We have built an entire system to protect the anonymity of our final customers—from special abbreviations in documentation to essential non-disclosure agreements with our managers. Our personnel does not know the customer’s name or the address of the object or name of the contact person. You can be sure about our exceptional business integrity and ethics.
31What is a minimal order?
Jobs of any size are equally important for us. Entering the market, we have made our policy of affordability our strategy. We are glad to welcome