Instructions for installing

The consequences of error laying of mosaic can be very different: from losing the esthetic view of the object to the necessity of the reordering of the product – for example if the panel was laid the reverse side up.

Many contractors ensure that they exactly know how to lay mosaic correctly. Practice shows that it’s not always true to each product, released by our production, we attach full instructions on correct laying and recommended chemistry, however masters’ mistakes still have a place to be.

1. Preparatory works

  • Soak mosaic of at least 24 hours at room temperature
  • Prepare the base for lining (check for the presence of cracks, bumps)

2. Examination of the mosaic

  • Spread out the mosaic in front of yourself in right order (according to the instructions). It is a very important moment as cards from different batches can vary in tone
  • The figure shows what can happen if you lay a mosaic, not previously examined

3. The markup of basis

Mark the base before lining. Most often the marking is done from the doorways or the end of mosaic

4. Preparation of adhesive

Prepare the adhesive for application. Do not use all the adhesive for preparation of a solution immediately

5. Adhesive application on the basis

  • Apply the adhesive on small area to prevent it from drying out
  • The solution is applied with a spatula with teeth 3-4 mm

In the formation of the peel on the adhesive layer, it is necessary to be removed the toothed side of the spatula

6. Laying of mosaic

  • In aggressive conditions use method of double applying of adhesive
  • Lay mosaic paper side facing you
  • Align the surface evenly pressing on the card rubber spatula

7.  Removal of the protective layer

  • Moisture the paper with warm water and carefully remove from the mosaic surface
  • !!! Removal of the protective layer can be carried out not less than 24 hours after installation
  • !!! Avoid water influence and also temperature changes during the first 24 hours after removal of the protective layer

8. Grouting of mosaic

  • Following the instructions, prepare fugue
  • The grouting is carried out with a rubber spatula diagonally to the mosaic
  • While you grout the mosaic, you need to clean the surface of mosaic, from the remains, therefore it is advisable to grout small areas

9. Cleaning mosaic

  • Ensure that the fugue is dry and lost its plasticity as premature cleaning can cause damage of the grout results
  • Water sponge in cleanser and wipe the surface of mosaic, removing the remains of fugue; dry plaque can be removed with dry rag
  • In case of detection of residues of cement on the mosaic, it should be cleaned by using powerful tools
  • In work with cleaning tools it’s necessarily to wear gloves
  • Full drying happens after during 2-3 days from the moment of the end of laying of mosaic. The exact time depends on the temperature and humidity in your room